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Binge-Worthy: Queer Eye

In anticipation for the Season 3 premiere ( March 15th) I want to talk about a binge-worthy show that is worth all the hype: Queer Eye. This Netflix Original is what dreams are made of, It is about 5 gay and fabulous men who help people "make over" their lives. But it is so much more than just style advice or makeup tricks. It is about changing the lives of the people they meet. If you haven't watched it, get the tissues ready and get on it.

Why is this show so important? Because it talks about real stuff. They have tackled racial matters, coming out, transitioning, struggles with religion, and more. All of these are pretty heavy topics. And on top of all this they make a difference. They don't just talk about it. They help you do it. They encourage their, we'll call them contestants, to do the things they are afraid of and to embrace themselves. It will make your heart swell and your eyes tear but there is a lot of laughing and fun along the way.

Now let's talk about the actual dynamic of the show. You've got - Jonathan: Grooming, Tan: Fashion,

Antoni: Food & Wine, Bobby: Design, and Karamo: Culture. So essentially Jonathan and Tan help with the actual "make over" but they don't just dress you up and send you off. They teach contestants how to properly shop for themselves or what products are good for their unique skin/ hair. Therefore they create a change that lasts. Antoni teaches contestants how to prepare one meal that is easy but makes them feel accomplished. He helps them feel more comfortable in the kitchen to take care of themselves and to be more open to entertaining others. Bobby is easily the most underrated cast member. He will literally renovate the whole damn house like its no big fucking deal. He makes contestants homes feel more livable and give them a happy place that reflects their new life. I think this is so huge and it gets the least attention. We STAN Bobby Berk! And last is Karamo. He's the one who helps people understand or get through the hard issues. They all kind of do that but he takes time to really work with them on their issues or how to basically,, be cooler.

Queer Eye is filled with many heartfelt moments but the guys are really fun and you will love watching them work their magic on the amazing people they come in contact with. If you are on the fence about it, watch the first episode. Tom will steal your heart and you won't want to stop. ( He is still my OG favorite.) If you have watched it, let me know your favorite episode! I am always down to talk Queer Eye!

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