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How To Keep Your Daily Skincare Routine Under $50

If you have read My Top 10 Skincare Products of 2018 you might notice that some of these items were also mentioned there. That's because they are my ride or dies, and you can't beat the price tag. Here is a step by step overview of which products you can use morning and night for under $50. Please note that I have extremely dry skin so this may not be the best routine for everyone. I will note which products cause dryness and which alleviate dryness.

Step 1:

POND's Cold Cream Cleanser

$5.79 @ Walgreens

~Very moisturizing`~ Can be used as a makeup remover~

Step 2:

Thayer's Witch Hazel Astringent Pads

$5.99 @ Target

~Alcohol Free ~

Step 3:

CosRX One Step Original Clear Pad

$19.86 @ Amazon

~Drying ~ Should only be used if you struggle with breakouts~

Step 4:

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

$6.80 @ The Ordinary

~Alleviates dryness ~ Locks in moisture~

Step 5:

POND"S Dry Skin Cream

$7.29 @ Target

~Extremely Moisturizing~

Grand Total: $45.73

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