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So Instagram Made You Buy a Silicone Blender – Now What?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

A little while ago, the only thing I saw on Instagram and YouTube were silicone makeup blenders. The idea was that the silicone made for easy cleaning and none of your product was wasted through absorption. This was a solid idea, in theory, and the internet ate it up. So did I. Milk Makeup put out their own version and they hard sold it as the perfect companion to their Blur Matte Foundation. I didn't buy the foundation, but I did hop on a promotion deal that included the blender. I had to see what it was like.

Well turns out this product was not my favorite for blending my foundation. I tried. But somehow working foundation into a brush or a sponge made blending so much easier. I felt like I was just spreading product on top of my skin, not into it. I put the silicone blender aside and didn't touch it for months. And I saw other folks doing the same. As quickly as they came onto the scene, they disappeared.

But I spent money on it so I couldn't just let it sit, collecting dust. I've seen people using silicone spatulas to apply face masks and I realized that was how I could make use of this product again. I took my disappointing little teardrop and scooped up my Glossier Moon Mask, and swiped it onto my face. Turns out this was the perfect tool. I was able to keep my hands clean and really spread the mask around. Cleaning it is also super easy. The silicone doesn't absorb so you can just easily rinse it off and store it away.

As someone who is pinching pennies, not being able to use the products I buy hurts my soul. So I'm glad I've been able to repurpose a regretful purchase into something I can continue to use. Did any of you impulse buy a silicone blender? Hopefully you had better luck than I did but. if not, here's a new use for it. Let us know if it works out!

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