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Our Round-Up of January Faves

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Halle's up first ☝️

I'm a little partial to January since it's my birth month (hello 25 😅) but there were some other favorites this month besides my birthday. Some are beauty-related, others are lifestyle, and there's one tv show. But I tried them all this month and I've been OBSESSED. So here they are:

  1. Knitting: I've always been interested in knitting but never took it up myself. But I met a new friend who knits allllll the time. I got some yarn and needles and I had her show me how to do it. It took me a few tries until I started to get the hang of it, but now I have the basic handle on it and I can't get enough. It helps keep my hands busy (which has let my nails grow for once) and it gets me off my phone. I'm actually making something with my hands which gives me so much satisfaction, though my scarf probably won't be done until Memorial Day 🙃 If you're looking to pick up a skill to get you off your phone and to relax a little bit, I highly recommend knitting.

  2. Milk Makeup Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask & Watermelon Brightening Face Mask: First of all, I love Milk Makeup so when they came out with these clay masks, I bought them IMMEDIATELY. I didn't really consistently try them until January, though. And I am not disappointed. These are the easiest masks to use and apply. They come in stick form (like most of Milk's products) so you don't even need to get your hands dirty. Just swirl them around your face and then let them work for five minutes. That's all you need. After using these regularly, my skin was clear and the texture was better than ever. If you're considering getting these, definitely pick them up!

  3. My skincare fridge: So this was a birthday gift I was not expecting. I had put it in my Amazon wish list just for myself but my Mom saw it and the gem she is, she got it for me 🙌I've put most of my skincare and my jade roller in it and it has changed my mornings. Cold skincare may seem like a gimmick, but it wakes me right up and it's small enough to fit right on my vanity!

  4. My jade roller: At first, I thought these were a little much. Why would we need a special tool to massage our faces when our fingers are just fine? Well I figured I could put it on my Christmas list and then I wouldn't have to feel guilty for buying it myself 😎 I fell in love right away. It generally stays cool so it's refreshing, and when I put it in my skincare fridge it's a whole other story. The cold jade roller is a game changer. It may seem extra, but it helps get rid of the morning puffiness in my face and it's just nice. We all need things that are just nice.

  5. My bullet journal: Bullet journaling was always something I wanted to do but was so intimidated by. I like art and lettering so when I was trying to get one started, I was more concerned with how it looked than how it was working for me. But when we launched Go for the Glow, I knew I needed to really structure my days so I'd have time to blog and get everything else in my life taken care of. I watched some tutorials from Ryder Carroll (the inventor of the Bullet Journal) and he said the Journal is about doing what works best for you. It doesn't have to be artistic or have a bunch of fancy designs. It just needs to be formatted in a way that makes sense to you and lays out the shit you gotta get done. The fuzzy feeling I get when I tick off something I got done/accomplished really gets my Capricorn engine revved up lemme tell ya.

  6. Finally, I am SUPER INTO The Sopranos right now. I've wanted to watch it forever but it wasn't on Netflix or Hulu. But Amazon came through and made it free on prime video. So here I am, watching for two weeks now and on season 4. It's so good. I can't say much more but y'all need to watch it.

And there you have it. Those are my January favorites. I recommend all of them and I guarantee they will not disappoint.


Now it's Sarah's turn 👍

This month I made some major lifestyle changes, and by that I mean:

1. I went back to my natural hair color and bought a new pair of boots. I have been rockin' purple locks for about 5 years now. I went from "just the tip" to highlights to full on purple. I then experimented with all sorts of fantasy colors while always leaving at least a little purple. Recently I decided to grow my hair out from its current shoulder length and I knew I had to stop bleaching it if I wanted it to be healthy and long again. Along the way my hair was stuck in this ugly awkward stage where it was only purple half way down. I had my amazing friend Shy dye the bottom of my hair to make it match the top. I was shocked at how happy I was to be back to brown.

2. I bought a new pair of black boots. It wasn't that far from where my image was before considering I pretty much exclusively wear black combat boots. But you guys don't understand... these ones are ~sHiNy~! I have been wearing them every day since I got them. Which btw, I got them for EIGHT FUCKING DOLLARS at Plato's Closet. Does it get better?!?

3. As far as pop culture this has been a great month for me. Some of my favorite shows came back on (HTGAWM, The Magicians, and my favorite trash tv: Riverdale.) Also, Punisher Season 2 came out, I haven't watched it yet because I am still working on my Marvel binge (more on that to come) but it is next on my list and anything with my beloved dream boat boyfriend Frank Castle is bound to be epic. But let's take two seconds to talk about 7 Rings. LAWD do I love Ari. She stays slaying. 7 Rings was so different for her and I loved every second of it. And she announced a new album?? AGAIN??? I can't. I need to stop here before I get too worked up.


But most importantly...

January was our first full month blogging! We are so grateful for those who have read our articles, followed us on Instagram, commented on our posts, and reached out to us. We've made a few friends with the same passions and we're looking forward to growing even more and making even more friends. We have lots of ideas for content but we'd love to hear some of yours. If you have anything you would like to see from us, comment below or message us on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to the blog!

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