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My Favorite Money Saving Apps

If you're anything like me, you're constantly broke af. I can't help myself. I like stuff. And I like food. But there are a couple apps that help me save some money so it doesn't hurt as much to spend.

1. Qapital

I have been using this app for a couple years now and it has helped me save over $1000. Here's how it works. You set up a goal. This could be to save money for your wedding or a vacation or just in case of emergency. So you name the goal and you choose a dollar amount you want to save. For example, before I even had a boyfriend, I started a goal called "Wedding Fund." I made the goal for this $10k. I figured eventually when I got married I would have a good chunk of money to spend on the wedding. Once you set up a goal you also set up rules. Your rules are the way that you actually save. So it works by rounding up your purchases to an amount that you choose. So you could round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, three dollars, or even five dollars. I have mine set to two dollars. So every time I use one of my accounts that is connected to it (i.e. my debit card from checking account) it rounds that purchase up. So now it is saving very small amounts at a time and I don't even notice the money missing. It is hard to put money aside but it doesn't hurt when the money is already being spent. They have other types of rules you can set if you wanted to do it differently. I haven't tried them yet but I am looking to add more rules because they all seem so cool.

I understand that it now does some stuff with investing but I haven't looked into that yet. I believe it is a new feature. I would highly recommend this app if you suck at saving or you want to save without having to think about it. One of my favorite apps ever.If you want to try Qapital click here.

2. Ebates

This is another great app that has saved me lots of money. This app is different though. It doesn't create a "savings account" like Qapital does, it just saves you money on things you are already buying by giving you cash back. So let's say you're hungry and want to order something off DoorDash. No problem. Open your Ebates app and search for DoorDash. It is currently 4% cash back (but they sometimes fluctuate). So you click on DoorDash and boom! It opens the DoorDash app and you proceed as normal. Then you get a little notification that you got cash back! It is that easy!! I use it all the time. No matter what I am buying I check to see if it is on Ebates first. Sometimes they even have in store deals that work when you use your card linked to the app. I know a lot of you follow us because we talk about skincare and makeup a lot. Sephora is currently 4% cash back but I saw it at 11% last week. And Groupon is currently 6% but last week was 18%!!!! That is wild. Imagine getting an awesome deal on Groupon and still getting fucking 18% back?? THATS BASICALLY A WHOLE NOTHER 20% OFF. How is this legal? IDK and IDC. I have made bank off of this app. HIGHLY recommend. Please god do yourself the favor and get it here.

3. Dosh

I don't have as much to say about this one because I haven't really used it yet but as far as I can tell it is basically the same thing as Ebates. I haven't used it because I usually check both apps to see which has the better deal or a deal for the place I am shopping and have so far found that Ebates has had more cash back or more brands that I was using. That is not to say Dosh won't have better deals for where you are shopping so it is probably best to cover your bases and just get both 🤷🏽‍♀️ Download it here.

Another great plus to all these apps is that when you refer your friends you get money AND they get money.

On Qapital when you refer a friend you each get $5. On Ebates you get $25 and your friend gets $10. On Dosh I think only you get the money which is not as fun but you still make $5. I have also seen them do things where during certain months you make more. Or with Qapital if your refer 10 friends you get $1k!

So if you are interested in these apps (which I hope you are because they are the best and saving money is the best) please click the links above! The joining bonuses are my gift to you 😉

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