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My Ultimate Travel Makeup Essentials

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Fall 2018 was loaded with travel for me and one of my packing goals was to make sure my makeup involved as little fuss as possible. I learned to love cream products and anything that could be blended out with fingers. My makeup looks were simple but they could still be glammed up if I needed a little extra something for a particular night. And while my bank account says I'm not allowed to travel again for a little while, I figured some of you might be taking advantage of your winter break by going on vacation!

I'm not going to list each specific product of mine because you don't need exactly what I have, but these are the types of products that I recommend:

- Pore-blurring primer stick

- Liquid foundation

- Concealer

- Powder

- Cream bronzer stick

- Cream/liquid blush

- Cream/liquid highlighter

- Brow Gel

- Brown eyeshadow stick

- Neutral eyeshadow quad

- Liquid/cream eyeshadow

- Mascara

- Lipstick

- Lip gloss

Okay so this seems like a lot. But these products (except for the lips which live in my purse), all fit inside one large Glossier pouch. And most of these products, I use every day so I didn't break the bank trying to find travel-friendly makeup items. But what's important to note is that most of these products are minis (huuuuuge space-savers) and they don't require a brush. I can even apply my foundation and concealer with my fingers, which isn't so bad tbh, or a sponge, which is probably more practical since it can be used for powder. Though I would say to bring a blending brush and an angled brush for eyeshadow but those are really the only brushes you need.

My trips were so much easier not having to worry about sitting down and doing my makeup with a full set-up. I just pat these into my face and I'm ready to go. And I didn't even use all of these products every day. When you're traveling, you want to focus on seeing new things and experiencing different environments. Don't worry about your makeup, just pack easy-to-use products and remember no one in these locations is going to know the difference between your minimal glam and your full glam...nor do they care.

Happy travels!!!

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