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Shopping My Stash with the Naked Heat Palette

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The past few months I've committed myself to a makeup no-buy (unless I ran out of something I use every day). In an effort to save some money and reduce waste, I've been using up the makeup I already have instead of buying new releases that I don't really need. This time I decided to dive back into my Naked Heat Palette.

I was so excited for this palette when it came out so obviously I had to get my hands on it. But since shelling out the cash for it, I have used it less than a handful of times. Which is not cool. People stopped talking about it, my makeup style changed, and I just put it on my shelf to collect dust. I lost interest. Until last week when I found myself craving a dark red-toned smokey eye.

I love how this look turned out though I will say the mattes needed some finesse when applying to the lid. You really have to build them up to get the full impact and I recommend patting with a dense brush to pack the shadow on. And when it comes to the crease, have a light hand, an extremely fluffy brush, and some patience. I ended up with a super diffused crease that just blended beautifully with the lid.

The Naked palettes might not be all the hype nowadays since so many brands are putting out stellar palettes, but the Heat is a really nice palette with mostly matte shades (a deviation from other Naked palettes) that you can use to create many different kinds of awesome looks!

Some other honorary mentions are the Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Highlighter and the Milani Max Factor Lipstick in Simply Nude. Champagne Pop was literally the perfect complement to this palette. It has a a warm pinky red tint to it unlike other highlights in my collection which have more of a true gold/white base. And the Milani lipstick is my perfect nude shade and I'd totally forgotten about it. It's got a satin finish which is nice because it's not drying and when it fades, it doesn't leave the middle of your mouth looking crusty like a matte lip would. Highly recommend picking it up (if it still exists? This lipstick is probably expired tbh oops).

If any of you have the Naked Heat palette, what are your thoughts? Is it a ride-or-die or is it collecting dust in your collection? Let us know!

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