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New Music You Should Be Listening To

Less than two weeks ago Maren Morris dropped a new album and if you haven't listened to it yet, what are you even doing? You don't have to be a country music fan to love this woman. Her music sings so much louder than her genre with messages anyone can enjoy.

The album is called GIRL and includes a song of the same name that is my absolute favorite. It is perfect for any girl who feels like she's been in her own head and not feeling the best about herself. Though it is more about insecurities and comparing yourself to others, for me it came when I was going through a really bad experience in my love life and I felt like I wasn't acting like me and I was feeling sorry for myself. This song made me sing for the first time in weeks. It helped me feel my worth again. If you are down and need an anthem to get you back up, the title track "GIRL" is the song for you.

On top of that there are some really amazing love songs. Some heavier, about going through a rough patch, and some about more casual relationships. My other favorite song on the album is called "The Bones" and uses a house as a metaphor for a relationship. She emphasizes that "the house don't fall if the bones are good." I needed that these past few weeks. I felt like if I didn't have Maren Morris I wouldn't have felt ok at all. All of her music is really phenomenal so if you haven't heard of her you should check her out. You can start with her new album but don't ignore her older stuff because it BUMPS. If you are looking for a song to start with try "My Church." It is about the music on the radio being her church and I FELT THAT. It's one of those jams you just have to belt in the car with the windows down.

Did I mention GIRL had the most streams in a week by a female country artist ever?? The facts don't lie. This is a great album and you all need to listen to it now!

Have you guys heard it yet? Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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