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One Month Post Jonas

It's been a month since the Jonas brothers announced their reunion and released a new song, "Sucker." The song is really fun and makes you want to dance. But let's be honest, it could have been absolute trash and we still woulda been here for it.

IDK about you guys but I was a serious Jo-Bros fan growing up. I once even went to a concert to see them on the Hannah Montana - Meet Miley Cyrus tour. ~ LmAo ShUt uP, dNt JuDgE ~ This concert was all the way in Albany which is over 2 hours from where I live. My mom drove me and my friend Ashley up there and got a hotel to stay over night because this concert was so important to us. We even spent hours making signs that ended up getting confiscated before we even got in the venue because apparently signs weren't allowed. (It still pisses me off to this day.) We were on the side of the stage and there was one point where Nick Jonas was singing "When You Look Me In The Eyes" and we ran up as close as we could get and I s2g he looked me in the eyes. I melted.

Nick Jonas still has a similar effect on me now... So when I found out they Jonas Brothers were getting back together I nearly shit myself. I was questioning everything about my existence. Could this be real?! It seemed too good to be true!! It feels like its been an entire lifetime since they broke up. They have all since gotten married or engaged. In other words, they grew up. And so did I. (I think.)

So now the music they are making still applies to me. It fits my age the same way it did then because I aged with them. In the new video they all feature their beautiful significant others and I am only a little jealous. It's this weird feeling where I like want to marry Nick or Joe but like I love Sophie and Priyanka and I want us all to be in a relationship. I just want to be part of the family. *Cries out loud*

Basically this month has been me reminiscing about my obsession for the Jonas Brothers by becoming obsessed all over again. But this time there is social media so there is a whole new level of fandom. Plus you know I have been watching every interview, carpool karaoke, and Instagram story involving them ever. What other artist can release one song and send me into this kind of frenzy?? (NSYNC this is your cue.) I am so excited for what is coming next with them. An album? A tour? Who knows. All I can say for sure is, I will be there, front and center, even if I have to drive to Albany.

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