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Sarah's Y'OUR Skin Review

By now you have probably already read Halle's wonderful and detailed review of Y'OUR Skin. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Well, I also tried these products and since Halle and I have different skin types it was important that we both reviewed them separately. Halle's skin is a bit more on the oily side where as mine is pretty dry. It is not always easy for us to use the same products. However, because of the personalization involved, we both have only good things to say about this company. Let me explain.

Y'OUR Personalized Skincare is a company that creates an entire routine for you based on your skin type and concerns. You take a skin quiz which tells them what you may need and then they formulate the perfect combination of products to meet those needs. Who doesn't love custom stuff? The cool thing is, there are only 4 products in your routine - a cleanser, a serum, a day cream, & a night cream. That's it. Two steps in the morning and three at night. How easy is that? I'm sure we're all victims of the ten step routine because it is just so satisfying. But honestly, who has the time?

Something I also really love is how they break down the ingredients in each product and tell you why they chose it for you. Here are some photos from the results of my skin quiz so you can see what I mean:

They also explain each product in detail and highlight how it will meet your needs. Here's an example:

The products are all made with clean ingredients, no fillers, paraben and toxin free, and are cruelty free + made in the USA. You love to see it!! You get a three month supply with the option to reformulate them twice if they're not working for you. If you run out early they will send you more to make sure you never run out. And, before you get your next set you take an evaluation so that if your skin has changed they can make necessary adjustments. These products are made for you and evolve with you as they start to work! For the three month supply you pay $180 or a payment plan of $65 a month. It sounds like a lot when you look at the numbers alone but for personalized skincare with the option to change it if isn't working? Not a bad deal.

Now that I've covered the bases of how it works and why its awesome, let's talk about how they worked for me. My skin was actually doing pretty good at the time I got them. I hadn't had a breakout in a while. I was nervous that I would go through a purging period but I actually didn't. All I wanted from these products was to keep my skin clear and they delivered. As someone with dry skin, cleansers often dry me out but I felt surprisingly good after washing. The night cream was rich and perfect for me too. The thing I was really interested in though, was the day cream. I am not great at remembering to wear sunscreen so I was happy that it was already built in. I will say, it left my face a little white. Since I have a darker complexion I wished it didn't wash me out as much but it wasn't bad enough that I wouldn't use it. It looked like I had the Paris filter on! I also really love using oils on my skin and feeling a little bit slick all day. The day cream was moisturizing but it was an adjustment from what I am used to. Overall, I was happy with the products and really loved only having 4 products to use!

Check them out here!

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