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The ABC's of CBD

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Lately it feels like CBD is in EVERYTHING: skincare, makeup, gummies, you name it. But what is it and what is it supposed to do that's so great?

In the most basic terms, CBD is a hemp-derived compound that provides benefits like anxiety relief, anti-inflammation, acne reduction, gut relief, chronic pain relief, among others. But hemp is just another word for marijuana, right? Not exactly. Hemp is just a plant that is legal to cultivate (though frowned upon by the DEA and FDA) as long as it has less than 0.3 % THC. While we all know that THC is the compound that makes your head high, we might not have known that CBD does not, or that it even exists!

I didn't know anything about CBD because I had no personal experience with consuming hemp or marijuana but my good friend, Danielle, is basically an expert. They're a journalist and they write a ton about cannabis in terms of legislation and also the benefits that cannabis can provide. I had always thought that THC was kind of the end-all be-all. That you couldn't consume cannabis products without getting high (I honestly had no idea how things like hemp milk worked, gonna be honest). But they explained the difference between CBD and THC to me and I was immediately intrigued.

I have dealt with some anxiety and depression for a while now and while I do see a therapist, I don't take any medications. When Danielle was teaching me about CBD and what it does, I decided that it might be something that could help ease my stress and give me some relief when I'm feeling particularly anxious. So they've introduced me to some CBD products that I enjoy, like oils, gummies, and chocolates.

But CBD isn't only for treating anxiety and stress. Cosmetics and skincare companies are incorporating CBD and hemp-derived compounds into their products for skin/hair benefits, as well. Take a look at Milk Makeup, they have an entire Kush line of products loaded with natural, hemp-derived products meant to condition and nourish the skin. CBD can reduce inflammation and since acne is partly an inflammatory condition, CBD products can aid in reducing acne. Additionally it can reduce signs of aging and free radical damage.

The thing with the sudden popularity of CBD products, is that they can be expensive. Brands are taking advantage of this special ingredient so special topicals and creams can be over $100. But Danielle offered me a solid workaround that is honestly pretty genius, but also something we're probably already doing with other products: dropping some oil into the moisturizers we already love! Oils aren't necessarily cheap but a bottle can go a really long way when using only a few drops at a time. And even some drug stores and coffee shops carry some options!

When purchasing a CBD oil, make sure you read the label carefully since this market isn't regulated by the FDA yet. Some sellers will dilute the product or they won't use pure CBD. So you're gonna wanna look for cannabidiol or cannabis sativa seed oil on the ingredient label to make sure you're actually going to be benefitting from it. A CBD oil that Danielle has enjoyed is the Inda Creations Beauty Potion. It's both a topical and ingestible so you can even put a couple drops in your coffee or tea! The consistency is light but it feels substantial and nourishing on the skin.

If you're looking for a cheaper option to test out the CBD waters, I recommend the Curapure CBD Oil-Infused Super-Charged Face Mask*. It's $14.95 and it left my face feeling so incredibly hydrated and smooth. It's loaded with Vitamins A & E, Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, and other natural plant extracts. My skin soaked up the serum and was so plump afterwards. I seriously recommend giving this mask a try if you're interested in trying any CBD products.

CBD is a really awesome ingredient with a ton of benefits and it's fantastic that it's so accessible nowadays. If you have any recommendations for CBD products or have any other questions about it, let us know!

*The Curapure face mask was gifted to us

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