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V-Day Glam That Isn't Intimidating

Scrolling through Instagram in February means seeing smoky magenta eye after smoky magenta eye. These looks are all amazing and the artists are incredibly talented. But that doesn't mean all of us are going to recreate their looks on the big day. So I've created a look that's a little more basic, but still totally beautiful.

We all know I love fresh, dewy skin. And Valentine's Day is no exception. I want to look radiant and glowing for the (nonexistent) special someone I'm spending the evening with. So I've got some more sheer products that will really let my natural skin shine through. Now for the eyes, I wanted something that was still sultry and glam but not over-the-top. I love a lived-in cool-girl look — lemme tell ya.

So here's the breakdown:

  1. Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint: I just squeeze some lines around my face where I want some help evening out my skin tone and blend it with a fluffy foundation brush.

  2. Covergirl Invisible Concealer: I just dot this wherever I need a little concealing, including a few extra dots under my eyes to cover my dark circles. Then I blend it out with a smaller fluffy brush.

  3. Glossier Cloud Paint: For this look, I'm skipping the bronzer and moving straight to blush because I wanna look fresh, not snatched. But I'm going to mix shades Dusk and Puff to create the most beautiful warm pink nude. I mix the shades on the back of my hand and just dot around my cheeks, contour area, and even a little on the nose.

  4. Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Glow: The shade Illumi-Naughty is this pearlescent pinky-white highlight that adds just the subtlest pink hue to your high points. And it's a hydrating balm formula that looks like you're sweating, but in a pretty way?

  5. Glossier Boy Brow: I thank the powers that be for my full brows so that all I need to do is brush this through my brow hairs and they stay in place and in perfect shape all day.

  6. ABH Modern Renaissance Palette: This red-and-pink-heavy palette was MADE for Valentine's Day. But the warm nudes are where we're gonna be hanging out for this look. I want to add the subtlest contour to my crease by blending a tiny amount of Red Ochre and Burnt Sienna. And after I apply my lid shade (up next), I'm going to blend the littlest bit of Cypress Umber into the outer corner just to ground those redder shades and provide some dimension. Once that's done, I'll repeat the powder shadow steps on my lower lash line so my eyes look balanced.

  7. Glossier Lid Star: The star of my eye look today is this liquid eyeshadow from Glossier. I'm using Cub and it's this rich rose gold shade with LOTS of shimmer. I use the doe-foot applicator to tap the product onto my lids, then I blend it in with fingers. This product is super buildable so if you want a more dramatic look, apply more layers.

  8. Glossier Lash Slick: I have lash extensions, otherwise I would use a more volumizing mascara like Milk's Kush Mascara. But this mascara is perfect for a "your lashes but better" look if that's what you're going for. Today I'm using it on my bottom lashes and the slim wand is perfect for application.

  9. Milk Lip Color: I'm applying the matte shade C.R.E.A.M. over my lips (apply your fave lip balm first so they're hydrated and soft). I think with my face and eyes being on the glossy side, that I should keep my lips a little more matte so I can ground the look. Also I don't want to scare away my (nonexistent) date with sticky gloss lips. This shade is a great warm, pinky nude, perfect for Valentine's Day.

  10. Glossier You Solid Perfume: This perfume is soooo romantic. The formula is a solid balm that just melts into your skin and lasts literally all day. It's musky but also warm and earthly floral. You can just throw this in your purse and the solid packaging will keep it safe and since it's a balm, it won't break and spill all over your bag!

And that's it! This makeup look is pretty easy and it's naturally sultry (if that's a thing). You'll look totally sexy without looking like you tried too hard. Let us know if you try a look like this one, we'd love to see pics of your beautiful mugs 😍

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