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What To Do If You Run Into Your Ex At A New Years Party

Disclaimer: You may replace he/him with she/her or any pronoun that applies to your ex.

New Year’s Eve is coming up and all the ghosts from your past will be at the shindig you really want to attend. Don’t sweat it. I’m going to tell you what to do if you run into your ex. First off, don’t let them make you feel any type of way. Nervous? Don’t be. You have nothing to lose, they’re already your ex. Still angry that they fucked your best friend or stole all your money? Don’t let it show. We’re above this. At least for tonight… New Years is all about making resolutions and bettering yourself. So you have the option to start a day early or make it the last and shittiest night of the year. I would recommend the former.

So what happens when they try to talk to you and you’re not having it? It is ok to tell them you’re not interested in a conversation. What isn’t going to work for you is being aggressive about it. That will just cause added stress and make you frustrated on a night that is supposed to be fun. Try something like, “Hey, it’s good to see you. Hope all is well. Happy New Year. I’m gonna go talk to (insert bestie here).” Very short. Very casual. Civil but an obvious sign that you are not interested in talking. We all know that one ex that is super persistent and will be on your ass trying to talk. You can make it clear it is not the time or place or that you just aren’t feeling it tonight. Try to say it nicely and calmly so they have no reason to take it further.

Ok but what about if you’re still kind of feeling him and you’ve had a little bit too much to drink? Girl. You knew going into this how you felt and you probably drank as an excuse to hook up with him and not blame yourself. Am I right? Yea, I know. So here’s your solution: don’t let yourself get to that level. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t get with him and stick to it. You can ask a friend to be there for moral support but don’t make it their responsibility to babysit your messy ass. Be a grown person and hold yourself accountable for your actions. I promise you will love yourself for it in the morning.

It’s ok to stunt on him but don’t overdo it. You can bring your new boo or flaunt your new outfit but don’t try so hard to make it known. Don’t worry about if he’s watching or purposely walk in front of him in a way you know he will notice. He will notice you anyway no matter what you do. Just look hot af or make sure your new boo looks hot af and then be your best damn self. Have a great time just to spite him. He will see you happy and looking good and feel like shit either way. Just do you and don’t let him control your actions.

Oh he stunted on you huh? Whatever. You do not need him and you have to tell yourself that you don’t care. This year will be your year. Whether you are dating someone new or working on bettering yourself, your ex is in your past and will have no effect on you from this point on. What you’re not gonna do is compare yourself to his new girl because we’re ladies and we don’t do that. You’re also not going to interfere in his new relationship with that petty shit. He’s your ex for a reason. You’re better off without him. Stay out of his business and he will stay out of yours.

Bottom line. Go wherever the hell you want to go. Hang out with whoever you want to hang out with. Look good doing it. And don’t let anyone kill your vibe.

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