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Where To Get Cute Glasses For Under $20

I love bargain shopping. But I don’t just love to get myself a bargain, I love to tell everyone what a great deal I got so that they can do the same. For example, the other day I went to a BBQ and several people complimented my dress. Instead of just saying, “thank you” I said, “OMG THANK YOU IT WAS ONLY $10 AT H&M!” One product I LOVE talking about is my glasses.

Warby Parker has been the trend for a while because they have “affordable” glasses. I totally get this because glasses that might cost you $400 at the eye doctor / retail store will only cost you $90 at Warby. But $90 is still a lot of money. My glasses cost $10. Yes. You read that right. No I didn’t forget a zero. $10. With. My. Prescription.

The way I can get glasses so cheap is by using Zenni. Zenni is a website that carries affordable eyewear. My cheapest glasses were $10 and my most expensive were $60. You can customize them so my more expensive pair is only so much more because I added transition lenses and anti-fingerprint coating. I believe they started at $25 and I upgraded them.

The cheapest pair I have seen on the website is $7. So with no upgrades you can be spending less than $10 on your prescription glasses. And there is not compromise on style! They may not be name brands but they are super cute and I get compliments every tine I wear my glasses, no matter which pair it is. The other thing I really like about Zenni is that when you refer friends its one of those give $5 get $5 situations. So when I first got referred to Zenni my $10 glasses only cost me $5!!! And then I got so many compliments that I referred a bunch of people and my $60 glasses only cost me $30! It's an absolute steal.

As my gift from me to you (and me to me) here’s $5 off your first pair. And if you can see fine but wanna look trendy, they have sunglasses as well. Tag me in your pics of your new Zenni’s so we can get excited together!

And with all the money you're saving on glasses, you can afford one of out " @ me next time " hats! Get one now on our shop page.

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