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Which Order to Watch Netflix's Marvel Shows

If you are just getting into the Marvel universe it can be overwhelming. Everything is connected and there are what seems like a trillion different shows and movies to watch. Before the most recent Avenger's film came out, my boyfriend and I braved the list and watched all of the Marvel movies in an order we found somewhere online, which I have since lost. There are plenty of other sources for this that can be found with a simple google search. However, I am going to give you my personal opinion on how to tackle a smaller portion of this large universe, the Netflix Marvel TV Shows.

I watched these shows in an order that was suggested to me. It goes as follows:

  • Daredevil S1

  • Jessica Jones S1

  • Daredevil S2

  • Luke Cage S1

  • Iron First S1

  • The Defenders

  • Punisher S1

  • Jessica Jones S2

  • Luke Cage S2

  • Iron Fist S2

  • Daredevil S3

  • (Punisher S2)

The list I had used did not include Punisher S2 as it was not out yet and according to Netflix there will be a Jessica Jones S3 coming soon so you can throw those two at the end of the list in that order.

I liked using this order as a lot of things overlapped but I do think there are some changes you could make.

Jessica Jones S2 doesn't really touch on anything that happened between so you could easily just go right into the second season after the first if you wanted to. The only thing that might be a little skewed is Trish's storyline (Jessica's best friend) because she makes a kind of appearance on another show. But I don't think its enough that you can't watch the show one after another. I also think you can go right into Punisher after Daredevil S2 where he makes his first appearance as it doesn't reference any of the other shows and is almost completely stand alone with the exception of one character from Daredevil. The other option would be to just save Punisher for the end. There are a lot of storylines that start in Daredevil S2 and continue into all of the other shows. Watching Punisher may throw you off track a bit. I believe that is why it is saved for later but I would almost completely put it off. Plus, it happens to be my favorite, so you can save the best for last. What I do think is important to mention is that while I was watching I had wished I went right from Defenders into Luke Cage S2 because it picked up right where Defenders had left off. So I would definitely move Jessica Jones S2 and Punisher out from between them.

Overall, I think the order I watched them in made sense and helped me catch little references here and there. If you don't care as much about those little things you can move Jessica Jones and Punisher around but I would leave everything else the same because some reflect majorly on others.

Are you a Marvel Super-Nerd? Let me know which order you watched in the comments!

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