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Why Ariana Grande is THE Feminist Icon of 2018

First of all, what the fuck?? Does Ariana Grande EVER STOP?! This woman is a fucking powerhouse. Let's recap real quick. When I heard God Is A Woman (an absolute banger, btw) for the first time I was laying by a pool. Yesterday it was snowing and this bitch is still. dropping. songs. Like do you mind? I am still busy pleasuring myself to Thank U, Next. She gave us Sweetener earlier this year which was filled with upbeat bops and soulful melodies. It was more than our society deserved, tbh. GIAW in itself was a feminist anthem. So much so that when I heard it I agreed so wholeheartedly that I got it tattooed on my underboob. Oh, and let's not forget the video where she literally makes our forever queen Madonna be the literal voice of our female lady God. AND THEN SHE BROKE THE GOD DAMN GLASS CEILING. *ugh* Anyway. There were many other amazing messages Ari gave us on Sweetener like lessons about mental health or being an overall bad ass bitch. As if this wasn’t enough she followed up that album with another smash: Thank U, Next. This song pretty much broke the internet. Not only is it just a fun song but it says so much about female empowerment and coping with loss. She talks about taking lessons from each break up and being grateful for what she got from them. This is so powerful. It is mature and an inspiration for those of us who tend to dwell on breakups and only see the negatives. She even goes into detail about learning to love herself which is so important for women. Society gives us so much to be self conscious about and so many roles we are supposed to fill. Sometimes it is hard to remember to take some time to get to know yourself and love the real you. Thank you Ari, for giving us that reminder.

Thank U, Next also came with the most hyped up music video I have ever experienced. I don’t think I have ever counted down days until a damn music video. But this crafty ass bitch brought us a culmination of some of the best feminist movies from our childhood. If you live under a rock and haven’t seen it, she reenacts (flawlessly I might add) scenes from Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde. Like ok, excuse the fuck out of me. That shit slayed my entire life. Somehow on top of creating that masterpiece, dropping an album, planning a tour and releasing a YouTube documentary series (not previously mentioned but holy shit pls let me catch up) she found time to record and release ANOTHER FUCKING SINGLE. This one is called Imagine and it’s great. But that’s not even the point. The point is Ariana needs to take a nap. She has been non stop since what seems like the beginning of time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. As much as I would love for her to drop a song every day for a year I understand that she is also a person who like has regular organs (I think? But like maybe not cuz that voice) that can break down like the rest of us. So please, for the love of Madonna, rest. We will be ok for a little bit while you relax and we fully process all you have given us this year.

Bottom line, Ariana Grande is the feminist icon of the year. She is killing it in her field and sending positive messages to women everywhere. As much as I think she deserves a vacation, I have a feeling it's not going to stop any time soon. And when they come, we won’t be ready. They will continue to slay and we will continue to be not worthy. Here’s to an amazing year of success for Ariana Grande and hopefully another year of her as our reigning feminist queen.

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