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Why "You" Is My Pick For Best New Show Of 2018

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I will try to voice my opinion on this topic while keeping spoilers to a minimum but it’s gonna be tough. There are so many things I just want to scream about but if you haven’t seen it I want you to have all the same reactions I had. This show gave me and my boyfriend severe anxiety every. single. episode. I was quite literally biting my nails and pulling on my hair thinking all the creepy shit was gonna get exposed. Ok ok let me backtrack and stop fangirling so I can tell you what the show is actually about.

It starts off with a guy named Joe (played by Penn Badgley) working at a bookstore and narrating his first interaction with Beck (Elizabeth Lail), a new customer. At first it seems romantic and then he starts to get a little creepy but not nearly creepy enough to foreshadow just how dark this show gets. Within the first episode you’re already like, “wow this is not the direction I thought this was gonna go.” Without spoiling anything, it is a love story with a very dark and creepy foundation. Joe is seemingly two different people and it is impossible to decide if you like him or if you think he is completely fucking nuts. I found myself hoping he didn’t get caught doing things I think are disturbing in the real world. And that is what makes this show so incredible. It makes you question your morals and keeps you in suspense from the first episode to the last.

Other things to note: 1. Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars is absolutely brilliant as reoccurring character named Peach. 2. The show was created by Sera Gamble who also has The Magicians under her belt. That is also one of my favorite shows. She is a powerhouse. 3. Though it started on Lifetime, "You" has been picked up by Netflix for season two. I know we all love a good Netflix binge. 4. Season one comes to Netflix December 26th.

I could go on forever about this show but I think I will save spoilers until next season when the show has been out on Netflix long enough that I won’t be ruining it for anyone. If you took anything from this it should be that this show is a dark, twisted, adrenaline inducing masterpiece and you need to spend your holidays watching it with anyone but your parents.

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