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Y'OUR Personalized Skincare Review

As we start to ease back into regular content, we thought a review would be a good place to start. The brand I'll be talking about today is called Y'OUR. Y'OUR reached out to us and offered to send us each our own regimens to try and provide feedback based on our experience. You all know how much we love trying new products for you so we thought it was a great opportunity to try this really cool, small, science-driven brand! Y'OUR was started by two friends (sound familiar?), Hannah and Jenny, who felt that people needed a way to incorporate natural skincare ingredients into a routine that would be genuinely effective for people's individual needs.

Hannah, an MIT grad, and Jenny, a beauty entrepreneur, developed a skincare quiz to gather information about individuals' lives and needs in order to provide them with their personalized skincare regimen thanks to an algorithm that pairs the customer with their perfect combination of products. The quiz is incredibly easy, quick, and it asks just the right amount of questions to get the information they need to provide a solid routine. It asks about age, stress level, pollution in the area you live, gender, lifestyle, skin type, just to name a few.

The ingredients are clean, cruelty-free, free of parabens, toxins, and fillers, and they're all made in the USA. The routine is so condensed because these products are performing double-duty.

The cleanser both cleans your skin and has gentle chemical exfoliants to penetrate the top layers and get rid of built-up dead skin/residue from the inside out. The day cream is a super hydrating SPF 30 moisturizer that has helped me a lot in my day-to-day. I never have to worry about remembering to put on SPF in addition to a moisturizer, it's all found in this one awesome tube. The serum I was given is water-based so it's perfect for extra hydration and it has Red Tea extract which helps with UV protection and killing bacteria. My night cream is also packed with plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients to work with my skin as I sleep to provide damage control and hydration all night long. The night cream is rich and feels incredibly luxurious on the skin which is exactly what I need to ensure my skin will be repaired overnight.

Once you submit your results, you are sent an email with your recommended routine based on your specific skin concerns. Y'OUR breaks their regimens into four products: a cleanser, a day cream, a serum, and a night cream. Each is numbered so you know the order in which you should apply.

When my package came in the mail, I couldn't wait to try. Quarantine had done a number on my skin, tbh. I was breaking out badly from my irregular diet, being lax with my skincare routine, and definitely not keeping hydrated. It was difficult for me to stay motivated to do my multi-step routines every morning and every night. I just didn't see the point if I was inside all day and not wearing makeup. But, clearly, my skin was suffering.

Having a routine of only two products in the morning and three at night has made it so much easier for me to incorporate skincare back into my lifestyle. It can be daunting to worry about like five products for morning and sometimes seven at night when you just don't have the energy due to *~these uncertain times~*. Y'OUR makes it feel silly to skip my routine because there are so few products to use and it only takes a few minutes. Not to mention, and I'll keep it real, a few years ago, I was incredibly depressed and found it nearly impossible to take care of myself and my skin. If I had this skincare routine, it would have been much easier for me to gather the strength to do it because of how condensed it is. So if any of you struggle with maintaining routines due to depression, this might be the ticket.

Even if we weren't experiencing a global pandemic, I would still recommend this routine to anyone who wants to take care of their skin but gets bogged down in how many options there are. There is SOOOO much info out there about ingredients, what products to use for which concerns, and what products are actually necessary. Personally, I enjoy skincare, doing skincare research, and I am in a fortunate position to be able to try many different products due to my circumstances. But not everyone has that same experience. They just want to do what's best for their skin and not worry about all the details.

That's where Y'OUR comes in. Your personalized skincare routine will be $180 for a one-time purchase or you can do 3 payments of $65. While the price tag for the subscription seems high, you will receive those products, which are completely personalized for your skin, for about $16 per product per month. And for each new round, you will receive a new evaluation so you're still getting the most up-to-date routine possible. Y'OUR also has a satisfaction guarantee that promises two reformulations of products during your first three months if the routine isn't working for you. That is not a bad deal for quality skincare. Though the $180 definitely is a pretty penny for many folks.

But when you take into consideration how many products you will purchase from other brands because of trial and error, and how many of those products might do damage you'd need to repair with facials or even MORE products, $180 seems like a solid investment for skincare literally designed for you. The ingredients are natural so you can feel reassured that what you are putting on your skin is worth what you're paying. But only do what makes sense for you. You can still have a fabulous skincare routine with a smaller price tag.

The regimen has worked well for me in that it was gentle, didn't irritate me at all, and it helped keep my skin consistent and moisturized! For my skin, and my skincare products, I want my routine to regulate and level out. I generally have mostly clear skin with a few bumps here and there. I also tend to break out around my jawline or neck, which can lead to dark spots. And I can confidently say that my skin has not experienced that with the Y'OUR products. I still have visible pores and the occasional zit, but that's okay! There's only so much topical treatments can do. I just want my skin to be even, hydrated, and protected against the elements. I feel comfortable going makeup-free in public, which says A LOT. It also helps to have a mask covering half my face but, even then, with how my skin was about a month into quarantine, I would still want to put a face of makeup on. Now I am totally comfortable without it. And the biggest thing that has changed has been my skincare routine with Y'OUR.

I hope this post has been helpful! I had never heard of Y'OUR before they reached out to us and I think they're a fabulous company with great customer service and they genuinely care about providing customers with the absolute best products for their unique skin. If you've tried Y'OUR, what are your thoughts? Let us know! And if you give them a shot, tell us what you think of the products!

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