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How I Traveled Europe on a Budget

Somehow, I went to Europe for two full weeks and spent only $3,000 in total. This includes flights, accommodations, food, tours, and transportation between locations. Here I will break down the major expenses and give some insight into the rest that is not listed.

The first plus was traveling with my friend Megan. Her and I were able to split the cost of our accommodations which made it much cheaper than traveling alone. We did not use hostels which I have heard are the cheapest method. We wanted to make sure we were alone and had our own space we could feel safe leaving our things. We used Airbnb to find great places for cheap. Here is the breakdown of the prices for each location. Keep in mind the total of each stay was split between the two of us.



Rome 3 Nights - $266

Florence 2 Nights - $170

Venice 2 Nights - $258


Rovinj 1 Night - $55

Hvar 2 Nighst - $98

Plitvice Lake 2 Nights - $240

Dubrovnik 2 Nights $130

Total: $588 per person


For flights we used to get the best price on a round trip from Newark, NJ to Rome, Italy. We Also took a flight from Dubrovnik, Croatia back to Rome on our last day to catch the flight home which we got through


Round Trip Newar > Rome $986 each

Flight Dubrovnik > Rome $114 each

Total: $1,100 per person


Other Expenses:

To get around in Italy we took the train which was pretty reasonably priced. To get from Venice to Rovinj we took a ferry. Once in Rovinj we rented a car and drove it to our next two stops before taking another ferry to Dubrovnik. We also did a tour of the Vatican and a cruise tour from Venice to Murano, Burrano, and Torcello. This was a one day cruise and probably my favorite part of my stay in Venice. We got both of those tours through In Dubrovnik we did a Game of Thrones escape room which gave us a discount on a Game of Thrones tour. If you don't know, Kings Landing from GOT is filmed in Dubrovnik. We also bought souvenirs and food (and about 30 gelatos). All these expenses combined totaled to approximately $1,500.

That brings our grand total to about $3,000

Watch my highlight video of Italy here!


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