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Empties Review: Would I Repurchase?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Over the past few months I've been saving my empty containers of products I've gone through. I don't know why I was hoarding empty bottles but I"m glad I did because now I get to let you all know my thoughts and whether or not these products are worth your money! Let's get into it:

  • Thayers Rose Toner Towelettes: I bought these so I could take them with me while I travelled because I didn't want to carry around cotton rounds and a bottle that could spill in my bags. I'm glad I bought these because it made applying toner so easy but my one gripe is that I didn't feel like these packed enough of a punch. The towelettes weren't saturated enough for me and they felt a little too dry. So I would only buy these again if I were going on another trip, not for everyday use.

  • Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Booster: Since I follow Tati on YouTube, I was intrigued by her brand since she didn't start out with a makeup line, like one would expect from a beauty guru. I'm not a supplement person, generally. But I was looking at before-and-after photos and couldn't resist. I took them mostly while I was on a road trip so I feel like there were a lot of factors playing into how my skin was reacting (dehydration, stress, a different skincare routine, etc). Overall, I don't think I saw much of a change in my skin, but according to the website and social media, these should be taken for at least three months to see dramatic changes as your body gets used to the ingredients working their magic. I'd be willing to try a three-month supply if my budget allowed it so I could give a more detailed review. But until I have the money to spend, I will not be repurchasing and I'll tell you to hold off, as well.

  • Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser: I think this product is brilliant. I have been a STAN of Milk Makeup since 2016, when they still carried their marker eye liner. When the matcha cleanser stick dropped, I knew I had to try it. A stick cleanser? PURE INNOVATION. I keep this in my shower so I can just swipe it on in the morning and it's TSA-friendly. The matcha helps calm and detoxify the skin while the natural microbead-free exfoliators slough off dead skin cells. I bought my first one myself, then asked for a new one for Christmas but when this one is done I might have to use something else simply because I'm broke, but not because this product isn't great. I highly recommend for those who can afford it,

  • Glossier Lash Slick: When I first tried this mascara I was confused as to whether or not I liked it. It offers virtually no volume, but it lengthens the lashes and defines them. It allowed me to still look natural and clump-free but it enhanced my lashes. I think it's so hard to find another mascara like this because everything is about volume, volume, volume. While $16 is more than I want to spend on mascara, I would recommend it if you're looking for definition and length. It's also fantastic as a lower lash mascara since the wand is so thin. Buy it if you're about that natural makeup look.

  • Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream: Kiehl's is one of those dream brands that you want to afford one day but can't. I got a Kiehl's sample set for Christmas and it included this tiny sample of their ultra facial cream. I loved how rich it and nourishing it felt. Would I pay for my own jar? Not a chance. I've been using the Cetaphil night cream and it has pretty much the same feel on my face. There are so many nourishing moisturizers out there, you really don't need to spend the money unless you want to treat yourself.

  • Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil: This oil costs $65. I am not telling you to spend your money on this if you stick to any budget. The only reason I have it is because I got an invite to a warehouse sale from a friend I used to wait tables with who works during the week for their parent company. I bought this severely discounted, otherwise I would not buy this. The Ordinary makes a rosehip oil that is slightly heavier than this, but gets the job done. The Laura Mercier oil is light and easily absorbs into the skin. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I will probably never be able to purchase this again and I'm so sad it's over.

  • Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen: I used to not pay attention to SPF then I was in the Glossier pop-up in Chicago and for some reason I was compelled to buy this chemical sunscreen. I mean SPF is so important, definitely protect your skin from UV on the daily, even if it's cloudy. I loved how this sunscreen was hydrating, not greasy, and didn't leave a white cast. But moving forward, I'll look around for another similar product since $24 is a lot to spend right now. Though, if you're someone who lives by the "skin first, makeup second" Glossier mantra then this product is totally worth it.

  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: I buy this baby in multiples. It's $6.80 and I need this in my routine. This hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps my skin and it is so affordable! I can't recommend this product enough. Just get it. If you want a hydrator that's gonna really get in there and do the damn thing, this is the perfect one.

  • Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief: Apparently this product has been discontinued. I received a sample size as a gift and used it every morning. I liked the gel consistency and how it wasn't greasy. It felt refreshing on my face but since it's discontinued, I obviously can't recommend. I can't speak for the rest of the Moisture Surge line but I can't imagine the other products being wildly different so I'd recommend giving them a try! Clinique isn't exactly cheap but it's not incredibly pricey either. I've tried other products over the years and can say I'm a fan and I don't think you'd be disappointed in other moisturizers in the Moisture Surge line.

  • Glossier Lip Gloss: I'm not quite finished with this product yet, but I'm getting pretty close so I figured I'd include it. I don't know how it's possible to have such a non-sticky, glass-like gloss. It's magic. This gloss makes my lips look so juicy and plump and healthy. The applicator contours perfectly to the lips and the gloss itself glides on like a dream. There is no glitter, no shimmer, just a perfect clear gloss. I 100% recommend buying this gloss if you're looking for a no-fuss, no-glitz juicy lip.

  • Thayers Witch Hazel Toner Cucumber Facial Mist: I'm about done with this one too and I have some thoughts. I will not be buying this again. First of all, I am a dumbass who bought the cucumber scent when I hate cucumbers. I thought it would be refreshing, but I can't stand the smell. Nevertheless, I persisted. I didn't wanna waste it and there was nothing wrong with the actual toner itself. I've been using the rose toner for a few years now. Thayers is incredibly gentle and affordable and I do recommend it. Though I will be testing out The Ordinary Glycolic Toner for a little bit to see how I like it. But I imagine I will be coming back to Thayers in the future, just not the cucumber.

I'm sure many of you have tried some of these products, but in case you were wondering about any on this list that you haven't tried, I hope I've helped make your decision! While I can't say any of these products are straight-up bad, some are worth the money and some...not so much in my opinion. At least not given my current budget anyway. But if I magically had endless amounts of cash, I would totally re-purchase. Let us know which products you've finished recently and whether or not you'll be buying them again!

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